Why you need to stormproof your patio


Queensland is known for its extreme weather, particularly during the summer when hot, humid days are often followed by wild and destructive storms in the afternoon. 

The storm season that swings around every year can pose a big threat to patios and other outdoor structures, so we thought it’d be a good idea to run through a few tips to help homeowners stormproof their patio. 

Sunshine Coast patios and storm damage

Before we take a look at what can be done, it’s probably worth illustrating just how important stormproofing your patio is – particularly if you live on the Sunshine Coast!

Every year, Suncorp Insurance and the Queensland State Emergency Service release a report containing a list of the state’s worst storm-damaged hotspots from the previous year. Based on around 10,000 weather-related home insurance claims from the previous 12 months, the latest round of figures in June 2023 indicated that half of the top 10 suburbs for such claims were in the Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast regions.   

According to the report and various other sources, most claims in these areas are related to rain, hail, and flooding that commonly involved falling trees, loose debris, rotting timber, and gutter failure as contributing factors to the damage sustained. 


Patio stormproofing tips for Sunshine Coast residents

From those figures, it’s clear that if you live on the Sunshine Coast your patio is going to be hit – and hit hard – by severe storms at some stage. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your patio doesn’t become another insurance statistic:

  • Invest in a quality patio – The first step is to invest in a quality patio in the first place. This means a patio designed and installed using superior materials and workmanship, with the ability to customise with features like patio screens to provide extra protection in harsh weather conditions.
  • Maintain your garden – With falling trees and limbs a major source of damage in storms, it pays to keep a close eye on your garden. Even if you’re not an avid gardener, simply checking your trees every now and again to remove weak, brittle, or decayed sections will help stormproof your patio.
  • Maintain your patio – Along with the garden, you should also look to maintain the patio itself. Clearing gutters and ground drainage helps prevent water damage, as does staying up to date with sealing/staining/painting surfaces like wood as it helps keep it waterproof and storm resistant.
  • Secure loose items – If a storm is about to hit, securing loose items should be priority number one as strong winds can easily toss around outdoor furniture and décor with enough force to break windows and doors, or get blown away entirely. 
  • Protect your valuables – Many modern patios are equipped with hi-tech electrical equipment such as TVs and sound systems that are extremely vulnerable in wild weather. If you have valuable electronics on your patio, make sure they’re protected with waterproof covers that are fitted well.

Stormproof patios on the Sunshine Coast

With the frequency of storms that batter the Sunshine Coast every year, you simply can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to stormproofing your patio. While there are certain stormproofing measures you can take to minimise risk once you have a patio, getting a custom-built, high-quality patio that’s manufactured for coastal areas is the best move you can make.

Coastal Patios only use Australian-made roofing products with superior strength and durability on their patios, carports, decks, and pergolas. Get in touch with our Sunshine Coast team today for more local advice on stormproofing your patio or to get a free, no-obligation quote.