Why Choose Marine Grade

Coastal Patios

Super strength support
beams meet Superior Corrosion Resistance

Bringing together the toughest and most reliable products including Magnesium Alloy coated roof, beams, gutters and flashings specially primed and powder coated components, as well as German engineered corrosion resistant accessories, Coastal Patios Marine Plus offers a genuine full system warranty where others can’t.

Every component has been carefully selected for maximum corrosion resistance and system compatibility meaning complete peace of mind for your entire system and not just selected components.

Marine Plus 5 Layer Protection

Coastal Patios is proud to introduce Marine Plus.

In locations close to salt water and pools, premature deterioration of steel structures may occur. Marine Plus has been designed specifically to withstand these harsh environments and offer a site specific warranty of up to 15 years.

Unlike any other, Marine Plus is a complete system, meaning protection and peace of mind across all components of your new outdoor living area.
For superior performance and unrivalled warranties in the harshest environmental conditions, choose Marine Plus by Coastal Patios.