5 ways a custom-built carport adds value to your home


As homeowners, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to increase the value of the biggest investment most of us will make in our lifetime – the family home. 

While there are plenty of options, installing a carport has proven to be one of the more prudent decisions homeowners can make in this regard. Below we explore five ways a quality, custom-built carport can add instant value to your property.

Boosts curbside appeal

Real estate television shows love to talk about homes grabbing potential buyers from the moment they come into view. It’s what’s known as curbside appeal, and getting a new carport gives this a big boost in a couple of ways:

  • Installing a well-designed, high-quality carport that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the house not only do wonders for presentation, it can also give your home a greater sense of size and space.

  • Vehicles parked on the front lawn of your home can make the entire property look cluttered, messy, and poorly maintained. Getting them off the lawn and into a carport tidies things up and adds to that illusion of space.

Makes a great first impression

What does the installation of a well-designed, custom-built carport say about the rest of the home? For most potential buyers, the presence of a carport indicates a high level of planning and care from the current owners, which probably means the rest of the house has been well looked after and is therefore a sound investment.

Provides greater protection

Living on the Sunshine Coast means most people are looking for a carport to protect against storms and the damaging rain, wind, hailstones, and debris that comes with them, however we can’t forget the scorching sun in this part of the world either. In addition to cars, a custom-built carport can also provide greater protection to a range of other valuables in and around the home, such as kids’ bikes and sporting equipment.

Adds extra storage

A custom carport with extra storage space built into the design is the panacea to the modern space squeeze we all seem to suffer. Extra appliances, camping gear, tools, old clothes, and even those boxes of sentimental stuff you just can’t force yourself to throw away, can all be put into a carport to free up more space where you need it.

Gives homeowners flexibility 

Modern carports are no longer just a place to stick your cars and can be easily converted into a whole range of extras living spaces, like a shaded area for outdoor parties and family events. The versatility carports offer isn’t just about now either. A quality carport can easily be used as the basis of future extensions to the main living area and become extra room for growing families.

Carport experts on the Sunshine Coast 

There you have it – five tried and true ways a quality, custom-built carport can make a real difference to the value of your property. While the benefits are clear, we strongly recommend engaging proven carport experts with any custom build to make sure those extra points of value are realised. 

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