3 Outdoor Entertaining Design Trends

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3 Outdoor Entertaining Design Trends

If you’re dreaming about creating or upgrading an outdoor space at your home or investment property then a great place to start is to look at some current design trends. To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up three of the hottest outdoor entertaining design trends. 

  1. Water Features

One way to take your outdoor entertaining space from drab to fab is by incorporating a water feature. Whether it’s a small pond or a trickling waterfall, a water feature is a great way to add interest and ambiance to your space. Plus, it’s a great way to beat the heat—just make sure you have somewhere for your guests to sit so they can enjoy the sound of the water while they relax in the sun.

  1. Bold Colour

Add some personality to your outdoor space by going bold with colour! Whether you choose colourful building materials, or add some colourful cushions to your patio furniture, a pop of colour is sure to brighten up any backyard gathering. Not sure which colours to choose? This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Very Peri, is a great place to start! This muted purple hue is sure to add an element of fun and excitement to any outdoor party.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

If you love cooking outdoors, then an outdoor kitchen is a must-have for your home! This year, more and more people have opted for fully equipped outdoor kitchens complete with all the amenities of an indoor kitchen. From appliances like grills and smokers, to storage solutions and prep stations, there are endless ways to customise your outdoor kitchen so that it suits your unique needs and style preferences. 

Whether you’re looking to add some ambiance or personality to your outdoor entertaining space, these three trends are sure to do the trick! So what are you waiting for? Get started on bringing your vision to life today. Your friends and family will be glad you did!