What are the Advantages of a Carport?

Coastal Patios

Queenslanders love houses with carports and for good reason. With most households having at least 2 cars and only space for 1 car in their garage, a carport offers the perfect solution for guarding your car from the elements.

Protecting Your Car

The most obvious benefit of a carport is that it provides a space out of the elements for your vehicle. The sun in South East QLD will strip the paint from your car and, combined with our severe storm season, will do irreparable damage to the finish and resale value of your car.

Adding Value to Your Home

Like with any quality addition to your home, a carport adds value to the property. As a result, the money spent on carports is often recuperated when you sell. In the meantime, you save on the costs associated with wear-and-tear on a car that is exposed to the elements.

Free Up Space

By building a new home for all of your vehicles and toys, you free up your garage space for use as an additional room in your home. Some of our previous clients have chosen to turn this room into a man-cave, party room and even an additional bedroom which can be rented out for another income stream or used for family visits.


Building a carport is relatively low-cost as the design can be simple and requires less materials and labour than building a fully enclosed garage or shed. Our team of building experts know the ins and outs of local weather and will tailor a custom roof, insulation and ceiling to match your budget and property style perfectly.

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