Patio lighting ideas for entertaining


Adding lighting to patios and alfresco areas is not only a great way to create just the right atmosphere when entertaining, it also doubles as an important aspect of safety and security around your home.

With so many innovative patio lighting options available – from solar-powered lamps right through to architecturally designed fixtures – we wanted to quickly run through a few ideas and considerations that will help you get the right solution for your patio. 

5 modern patio lighting options

Whether your goal is to create a sanctuary of peace and quiet in the backyard or the ultimate social venue for entertaining friends, the answer will probably include one or more of the following popular patio lighting choices:

  • Spotlights – The directional nature of spotlights make them suitable for practical, security, and decorative lighting purposes. If you’re looking to get innovative, these types of lights are great for highlighting trees, plants, statues, and other garden features from any angle.
  • Downlights – Downlights are often employed to create a cosy, warm feel to a patio area without any harsh brightness or glare. They are also very versatile from a decorative point of view as they come in a wide variety of modern mountings and, like spotlights, can be used to emphasise outdoor elements.
  • Floor and ground lights – Whether it’s fully recessed in-ground LEDs or a handful of small bollards, these lights can be used to provide greater visibility on steps, highlight pathways, or even section-off certain parts of your patio and garden.
  • String lights – Also called cafe lights, party lights, or market lights, these types of lights have become extremely popular over the last few years due to the warm, festive feel they evoke. They’re also easily customised and are relatively inexpensive for the impact they have.
  • Fairy lights – Similar to string lights, fairy lights have become the “go to” option for many patio owners looking for affordable lighting options that can add a sense of magic. Typically smaller than string lights, fairy lights work beautifully when draped from tree branches or across hedges.

Patio lighting considerations

While creating the right look and atmosphere is usually number one for patio owners, there are few other boxes to tick. When looking at lighting for your patio, keep in mind the following:

  • Practicality – Style is important, but you also need functionality at the end of the day. In other words, make sure you have enough light where you need it. Common examples are around steps and above barbecues.
  • Type of lighting – Solar lighting options offer a good mix of affordability, convenience, and flexibility, but they typically aren’t as powerful as wired lighting, and, if you listen to architects, tend to give off a “blue” light that isn’t as effective in these settings.
  • Professional installation – If you want the best possible lighting solution for your patio that is safe, weather-resistant, and reliable, then quality wired lighting through the services of professional patio lighting businesses is the way to go. 

Patio lighting specialists on the Sunshine Coast

Many homeowners dream of having the perfect patio to entertain family and friends, however bringing that dream to life isn’t as easy as visiting your local hardware store. Patio lighting can be a little overwhelming – especially if you’re looking to be more innovative – and installation should be done by a professional to ensure quality and safety.  

Coastal Patios are experts in innovative patio design and can guide you in creating the best possible lighting for all patios, decks, pergolas, and carports on the Sunshine Coast. Get in touch with our local team today for a free, no-obligation quote.