Factors That Affect a Carport’s Longevity

Coastal Patios

Coastal Patios knows that salt, rain and sun can have long-term effects on your carport structure. Here, we talk about the factors that affect a carport Noosa wide, as well as a carport Sunshine Coast wide. We offer some solutions for protection against the elements and give you information to consider for your carport roof installation in Queensland.

Rust and Living Near Saltwater: Carport Noosa

Coastal Patios’ carports are created from contemporary and classic materials that are ideal for Sunshine Coast and Noosa locations. We use the engineering of the Full Marine Plus System to deal with local environmental conditions. Salt present in water, wind, humid air, and rainfall can have a corrosive effect on base metals. Our Marine Plus range includes carport posts, support beams, gutters and fittings, all created with a magnesium alloy and E-primed and powder coated against rust, moisture, and salt. The Full Marine Plus System is highly weatherproof and guaranteed for up to 15 years.

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The Problems of Water and Drainage for Your Carport Sunshine Coast

Outdoor roofs and structures are highly susceptible to water, rainfall and condensation in the air. These standard environmental conditions can affect your structure over time. Coastal Patios has an engineered structural weatherproof joining system that is the basis for our carport designs.

When the engineered construction is used in conjunction with our box gutter system, it creates a highly effective solution for water regulation and drainage. The design of the carport roof is slightly tilted, so the water flows into the box guttering. The guttering in turn sends the excess water to your drainage system, instead of overflowing your driveway.

Carport Roof Insulation: The Problems of Sun and Temperature

The Australian sun is powerful. Strong heat can affect the comfort of your car underneath the carport. Coastal Patios uses insulated carport roofs that keep your carport cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. This carport roof insulation is specially developed as a 3-tier system that combines roof, insulation and ceiling into one sheet to protect your carport roof.

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