Aluminium & Composite Decking System

Coastal Patios

Aluminium & Composite Decking System

If you are a homeowner looking to increase the value of your home and transform your outdoor space you can’t look past a Coastal Patios Aluminium & Composite decking system. This highly durable and cost-effective innovation provides several advantages over traditional wood decking!

The Aluminium & Composite Decking System is a revolutionary modular decking solution that consists of an all aluminium sub frame and strong composite decking boards, which interlock together and are secured with specially designed clips and screws. The unique design offers increased stability and strength, improved aesthetics, cost savings, and no rotting or rusting.

In addition to its robust construction, the Coastal Patios Aluminium & Composite Decking System also boasts some additional benefits that make it even more attractive to homeowners looking to add a deck to their outdoor living space. The composite material used in the boards is extremely resistant to weathering, meaning that your deck will look great for years without fading or cracking. Additionally, these composite boards can be cut into any shape or size you need without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

The Aluminium & Composite Decking System also offers significant cost savings over other types of decking materials like wood or stone, as it requires far less material for installation than traditional systems. It’s also easier to clean than most other types of decks due to its composite surface; all you need is soap and water for regular cleaning to keep your outdoor living space looking beautiful year round!

Overall, the Aluminium & Composite Decking System is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for an efficient way to build their own outdoor decks at an affordable price point that won’t sacrifice on quality or design options. With its durable construction, wide range of style options and longevity – this modular decking system has something for everyone!

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