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Custom-Built, Low-Maintenance Pergolas in QLD

Great for BBQ areas or providing some shading for delicate plants, Australian-made pergolas from Coastal Patios are perfectly suited to the Sunshine Coast. Our Australian-owned company can create the perfect pergola for your backyard, whether you want it to be freestanding or added to your existing patio.

Choose from decorative pergolas, aluminium slats, fixed louvres, or a combination of all three! With fewer council restrictions, the only limitation is your imagination. Let the light into your outdoor seating area, whilst still ensuring protection from the harsh sun and salty Sunshine Coast conditions. Call Coastal Patios today to discuss your needs.

The Tradition Fly Over with a New Look

Our most popular design is transformed into a whole new dimension with the new decorative pergola roofing and decorative screens, to break up the look and feel of your outdoor area. You can even do it as a part of your patio or the whole roof. With 5 colours and over 10 pattern designs.

Elegant Flat or skillion attached Pergolas

An easy-on-the-eye design that will capture the coastal sun while providing some shade at the same time. They can be completely level or have a slightly accented lean opening up to your yard. The exposed aluminum framework allows you to hang your plants and lighting to make the evenings even more relaxing.


If you are looking for something new and creative. Look no more with a freestanding decorative pergola and decorative screens – you can put it just about anywhere in your yard, even on your boundary. Create the elegant space that will take you away from the bustle of your home life for a well-deserved time out and a cuppa.

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