The Ultimate Climbing Plants for Your Pergola



The attraction of a well-designed outdoor space is undeniable, especially when it seamlessly merges with the comforts of your home. Pergolas, verandahs and patios are three popular structures that elevate an outdoor living area.  While they might all seem like nice spaces to lounge under the sun or stars, each has its own unique design, function, and purpose. 

Navigating the differences can be a bit confusing, especially when planning a reno or upgrade. In this article, we’ll compare the key features of each, demystifying terms and helping you determine what might be the perfect addition to your home.

Lets compare all three by looking at their structure, purpose, roof and placement. 


A pergola typically consists of vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice. The lattice often has climbing plants, which can create a picturesque green canopy. The pergola is often used as a shaded walkway or as a sitting area in the backyard. The roof is usually open or partially covered, allowing for sunlight and fresh air to pass through. Some modern pergolas come with retractable canopies for more shade. A pergola can be freestanding or attached to a house. 


A patio is a flat, paved area directly on the ground, often adjoining a house but can also be freestanding. It’s designed to extend the usable space of your home, turning an outdoor area into an additional living space. A patio can be open or covered. If covered, it provides protection from the elements, making it usable in various weather conditions. In the old days, the patio was often referred to as the verandah. 


We now think of a verandah as an open-air, roofed narrow platform running along the side or around a house. It’s elevated from the ground and is supported by beams. It provides a sheltered outdoor space, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from direct sunlight or rain. It’s a space for relaxation, dining, or even storage. Verandahs always have a roof offering protection from the weather. They are always attached to a house, extending the living space outward.

Maximising Outdoor Living

The benefit of outdoor spaces like pergolas, verandahs, and patios is their ability to enhance our quality of life and our homes. Pergolas, with their open lattice, offer a shaded area that can also support plants. Patios, usually paved and adjoining a house, expand the home’s living space. Verandahs provide a sheltered outdoor area, perfect for relaxation and dining. Each structure, while offering a space to enjoy the outdoors, has distinct features in terms of design, function, and intended purpose. Choosing between a pergola, patio, or verandah depends on one’s desired functionality and aesthetic. 


Whether you’re looking for an open space to support greenery, a seamless extension of your living area, or a sheltered platform for relaxation, understanding the unique attributes of each can guide your decision for the perfect outdoor addition. The Coastal Patios designers are experts in this area and can guide you in creating the perfect outdoor space for any size property. Get in touch with our local team today for a quote.