Quick Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your New Patio

Coastal Patios

A patio is a way to bring your indoor space, outdoors. Like your house, it is going to need some care and maintenance to keep it looking great all year round. Here are the top tips to clean and maintain your patio Sunshine Coast wide and Noosa wide by Coastal Patios.

Hose, Sweep, Wipe, Vacuum or Mop: Patio Sunshine Coast Cleaning

Keep cleaning and maintenance simple and trouble-free! Rather than allowing your cleaning regime to take too many hours off your weekend, a good tip is to clean as you go. It seems simple, but a quick swish of the vacuum, a hard bristle sweeping brush, or a few turns of the mop once a week will keep your floors on track, as well as free of dust, fallen leaves and debris. Every season, give the underside of your patio roof a hose down, with clean, fresh water. The rain washes the top of the roof, but due to the harshness of our climate, we still need to wash the underside, posts and beams to have a long-lasting patio.

Clean up Spills as They Happen

When food and drink spills on your patio, it’s a good idea to clean it up immediately, rather than putting it off. Food spills can attract insects and outdoor animals, but you may also find that the stain could permeate into your floor if you have a wooden deck. Consider prevention the best mechanism for avoiding larger problems later on.

Protect Your Timber with Quality Patio Builders Sunshine Coast

Our patio builders Sunshine Coast are experts with wooden timber decking and patio design. We love timber decks for our patios because of the sleek aesthetic and the easy maintenance. Exposure to the rain and sunlight, however, can damage unprotected timber. We suggest that a box gutter roof is a great protective add-on to your design, as it will assist in redirecting the water flow away from your driveway. Ask our expert deck technicians at Coastal Patios for recommendations about decking oils, stains and timber products to protect your wood.

Choose Your Plants Wisely: Plant Tips for Patio Sunshine Coast Styles

Plants look great in an outdoor setting, and you can use them around or on your patio to create a focus feature. Low maintenance plants that don’t need full sunlight or much water are best for maintaining a vivid visual. Make sure that there is appropriate drainage for your plant as well. Spend a little time once a fortnight to manicure your plants and ensure the greenery that frames your patio is also well maintained.

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